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The Best at What Matters


When it’s time to seek 24-hour long-term care for your loved one, focus on what matters . . . care, comfort and cost. At Orchard Park Assisted Living, we pride ourselves on being the best at what matters.  Don’t settle for an ordinary facility or be pressured into a resort-style locale that pushes irrelevant bells and whistles. Instead, seek out a community that feels like home – familiar, comfortable, and with friendly faces at every turn.

      Home-style cooking

 At mealtime, Orchard Park Assisted Living serves up the kind of comfort food classics that will make your loved ones feel right at home. Our cooks’ goal is to create dishes that remind residents of the favorites they’ve been cooking and eating their whole lives.




       Favorite hobbies

 Whether it’s growing tomatoes every summer, playing a few hands of Gin Rummy, crafting or just enjoying some quiet time with a favorite TV program, Orchard Park Assisted Living makes it easy for residents to continue the hobbies they’ve always loved.


        Close to family

 Orchard Park Assisted Living is nestled off South 48th Street near Van Dorn, in the heart of South Lincoln. It’s an easy drive from all south and central Lincoln neighborhoods, so it’s easy to stop by for a visit over your lunch hour or spend a few hours over the weekend.





3110 S. 48th Street | Lincoln, NE | 68506 (402) 488-8191